Online Advertising – There Is No Getting Around It!

Online advertising has seen massive growth in the last few years. If you have not engaged your audience with online ads yet, it is about time that you ramp up your efforts.

The print media is getting phased out gradually, mostly because it has failed to deliver the Return on Investment that marketers had anticipated, given the enormous costs linked to print advertising.

Online advertising is the nouveau technique of reaching a bigger audience with almost five times less investment than prints. 

So, here are some reasons why you should start considering your marketing an online presence.

Online marketing is cool

One of the reasons to advertise online is because it is cool. In the world predominantly run by millennials, brand reputation has become an important aspect of advertising. In such a scenario, having an online footprint will build the required rapport for your brand and ultimately, customers will follow.

Moreover, in the future, businesses will be completely moved to the internet, and so internet advertisements will help you tune with the tactics used in ecommerce industry.

You should do it because your competitors are doing it

This might sound somewhat silly, but in the slit-throat competition that is prevalent today, you would not want to leave any stone unturned while marketing your product. And since your competitors are doing it, you might as well do it too.

Funds, too, should not be an issue as such, given the low cost linked to online marketing. 

Because the audience is online

90% of the audience you are targeting has access to the internet and is online in some way or the other. The best way to target a big mass and to proactively engage them is to get yourself online too.

Not only can the internet provide you with the best possible audience, but it also allows you to narrow your advertisement to the relevant clientele.

So, whether you are targeting men over 40 or women under 25, the internet has all types of audience. All you need to do is ensure that your ads are being served to the correct group and business will naturally grow. 

Drive traffic to achieve bigger goals

Even if you do not get the requisite conversion of business from online advertisement, you will still be able to drive traffic to your website.

Say, your ad is served to 1000 customers each day and as many as 150 click on the ad and get redirected to your website. Soon, your website will inundate will traffic. This will give your search engine rankings a significant boost, which in turn will invite more organic traffic and business will flourish.

Thus, there are countless indirect advantages of online marketing, and your purpose shall be served one way or the other.

Attention Compelling

Online ads are more attention compelling than classifieds. Because space is limited in newspapers and tabloids, editors are forced to fit commercials at whatever place that they find free.

Webpages, on the other hand, are not confined with space, and can be elongated as and when required. This allows flyersto be placed strategically at places that are most likely to catch attention, such as next to a download button or above signup icon.Even if the visitor is not tantalized enough to click the flyer, he cannot help read it, given the strategic locations at which online ads pop up.

Engage interested customers

Print media advertising methods, like pamphlets, are infamous for landing at the most bizarre locations. 

I recently dined in a restaurant where I noticed leaflets being used as napkins; what’s more interesting that the leaflet belonged to my friend’s firm that he has only recently started.

It does not make sense to spend this much amount for something that eventually ends up in the trash. Had he (my friend) invested in online advertisement, his ads would have at least reached a relevant audience and not random diners.

Integration with cloud marketing

Online marketing is not restricted to running online advertisements. You can simultaneously deploy a number of other tactics such as email advertising, call-to-actions, content marketing, SEO, etc. under a single umbrella called “Cloud Marketing”. And as far as relaying contents is concerned, you can link all your campaign to a centralized free cloud server.

There are several cloud companies that provide the best business cloud storage services of all sorts. You, too, can try dabbling with a free cloud server, and if the same works well for you, you can always buy a full-fledged server.

A centralized marketing platform is one of the most profound merits that makes internet advertisement so ubiquitous.

Unlock Creativity

With online ads, your skill goes beyond just advertising. You get the freedom to create high-quality content that can successfully engage customers. With print advertising, your creativity is clamped, and it makes it difficult to showcase your competitive edge.

It is a common misconception that online ads are very generic and not as appealing as banners. On the contrary, only online media can provide you with the liberty to advertise product the way you want.

Customization & Flexibility

Customization and flexibility are two different parameters that are often confused and used interchangeably.

Customization means how well the advertisement can be tailored to fit customers’ requirements. Whereas flexibility is an index of how easily the content can undergo a revamp once already in the process of undergoing distribution.

Ads in online media can be changed in a snap. Thus, if a particular gif seems to be more appealing than some other gif, you can bring the latter down and entirely market with the former gif. However, so is not the case with print media advertising, and whatever is printed once cannot be changed.

Think Money & Environment

There are no upfront costs linked to internet marketing. It is, thus, a bargain solution for businesses running in a shoe-string budget. The cost is often a prohibitive with print media marketing. To bring down the overall cost, the printing press often use low-quality, lead based dyes that pollute the environment and water bodies, when discharged as sewage.

Upshot – why is there no alternative to online advertisement?

By now, you might have guessed how vital online advertisement is to keep a business flourishing. As the internet gets more and more mainstream, all the other sources of education, entertainment and advertisement are being jettisoned.

With what is evident now, the internet will become central to all the operations in the future. Hence, now is a great time to start with online marketing as the more you procrastinate, the more the competition will grow on the internet.

Author bio

Nishant Nath is a writer by hobby and fortunately also by his profession. A state-level tennis player, Nishant has written short stories, poems, and snippets for a number of blogs (including his own). He has an active appearance on Go4hosting belvedere, always ready for the enthusiast technical approach.

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