Lucky Colours of 2020 – Prosperity and Success This Year?

Every year has lucky colours – do you know what yours are for 2020?

The world is pretty obsessed with colours. They dominate a large part of what we do, the way we look at the world and the way that society is structured. So it makes complete sense that when it comes to colours, every year will have a lucky one or two.

2020 is no exception to this idea. There are colours that you should surround yourself with when it comes to finding prosperity and success, and it all ties into the Chinese New Year and what it has to offer. With that being said, let’s take a look.

Humble Beginnings

Okay, so it’s important to understand exactly where the tradition comes from, because otherwise you don’t fully appreciate what’s going on.

The idea behind lucky colours is based on something called Feng Shui. It is a Chinese system which has been operating for centuries, and it is all about the flow of energy. While the term is commonly tied to home decor these days, it took root dealing with basic elements.

Wood, earth, fire, metal and water all make up the world, and also have a unique colour attached to them. Every colour expresses a different emphasis, which will, in turn, influence the decoration of a place.

The Year of the Rat

It is also worth noting that 2020 is also the year of a particular animal – specifically the rat. The Chinese Zodiac is well known for having a different animal represent each year – and people also have different characteristics depending on which sign they fall under. A western equivalent would be the zodiac signs like Scorpio or Leo, we suppose.

Chinese New Year is a little different to the normal new year. While most of the world has already celebrated it and know that it is 2020, the inhabitants of China don’t herald in the Year of the Rat until the 25th of January.

The Colours of 2020

So what are the lucky colours of 2020? What should you have in your home, in your wardrobe and in your life to make sure that you experience wealth, prosperity and success.

Well, for this year, you’re going to want to get your hands on a lot of silver and blue. They are the lucky colours of 2020, and this means that they can be implemented into a lot of different places.

Implementing the Colour System

So, now that we know what the chosen colours are, we can begin to implement them into your daily life to help bring that prosperity and success which lucky colours are known for. It can be quite difficult to introduce new decoration items into your home, so sometimes just changing the theme of a particular area is a good idea.

A particularly inspired design choice is to create a corner where the colours of silver and blue are most prominent. What this does is give you a space which is infused with positive energy and lucky colours. You could easily introduce books and art into the area, that’s making it quite cultured space, which will help to broaden your mind at the same time as introducing those colours into your home.

Of course, the way in which you introduce these colours into your home will depend entirely on what you consider to be an important part of interior decoration. If you spend a lot of time in one particular room, it may be advantageous to decorate that room, because you want to surround yourself with these colours as much as possible.

General Tips

If you are going to think about doing something like this, then you need to decide whether you want to go subtle or quite prominent. If you’re not sure about decoration, or you have a large theme that you don’t necessarily want to dismantle, then subtle is often the way to go.

There will be somewhere in your home where silver and blue will be acceptable colours. It is completely understandable if you get to a particular space and really don’t want to change it. Remember, you have to be comfortable with this set up. It is for you, and that means that you cannot change the way that you think about things or the way you decorate if you aren’t happy.

In conclusion, these are just some of the things that you can do with the lucky colours for the year. 2020 is no doubt going to be a year of success and prosperity for many, and you can help to bring some of that into your life by using these lucky colours and working with them. What you have to consider is that the colours you use and the way you do things will affect how easily you adjust to these new lucky shades. Prosperity and wealth are right there, waiting for you. But unless you can adapt, you won’t succeed. It’s all about making sure that you use the correct colours and really try to succeed.

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